AppetiteMax Review 2023

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Today I’ll be offering an AppetiteMax review, based on my own experiences and the science behind the product.

I’ll be offering some insights on why I used AppetiteMax, how I found it, and the ways it compares to other products on the market.

If you’re interested in weight gain supplement reviews, you’re in the right place. By the end of this article you’ll not just know my thoughts on AppetiteMax, but hopefully learn something about how to judge appetite stimulants for yourself, too.

What is AppetiteMax?

appetite max

AppetiteMax is a weight gain supplement. More specifically, it’s an appetite stimulant that aims to improve your ability to eat more food, take in more nutrients, and make more gains.

It’s a natural support supplement, helping you gain weight through the natural processes of eating, recovering, and growth. To quote AppetiteMax themselves:

The carefully chosen ingredients promote healthy weight gain by helping you crave calorie-rich foods”.

This is a great alternative to some appetite stimulant pills on the market that lack this kind of healthy weight-gain mechanism. This is already a great start: it works in a way that we know, that is scientifically clear, and AppetiteMax are upfront about what makes their product work.

About the Makers

AppetiteMax is the name of the company, as well as the product. This isn’t a product within an umbrella corporation, it’s a single-purpose company. That is to say that all AppetiteMax does is produce, sell, and manage this product.

The manufacturing practices themselves are taken seriously, however, as AppetiteMax makes it clear that they use a certified good manufacturing practices (GMP) lab.

This is important because it ensures that the processes and equipment used to make this product are reliable, there’s a lower risk of cross-contamination, and there’s the peace of mind that you’re getting what’s on the label.

This is a huge benefit for any supplement. The production of supplements is not regulated, so labs and brands who go out of their way to get these certifications are both invested in your wellbeing as a consumer and proud of their processes. These are always great selling points for a brand and product.

Benefits of AppetiteMax

The main aim AppetiteMax outlines on their site is helping hardgainers and those who are struggling to gain high-quality weight. It also has a range of other claimed benefits:

  • Balancing metabolism
  • Supporting digestion and health
  • Muscle-building support
  • Testosterone and hormonal support

Appetite Boosting

The main benefit is, of course, the ability to gain weight. Any appetite stimulant or weight gain supplement that doesn’t do this isn’t worth your time. If you’re paying for something, your first priority should be that it does what it says.

AppetiteMax’s approach to weight gain is quite simple. It’s an appetite stimulant first and foremost, where key ingredients like hunger spark improve craving intensity. They claim these are specifically for high-calorie foods, and I can definitely see that. I’ve found that savory cravings, in particular, are most-affected.

This means more eating, more calories, more nutrients, and thus more growth. I’ve already talked about how this supports natural processes, but it’s worth reiterating that appetite stimulants are great for working with your body – not against it. That’s how good weight gain works!

Better Digestive and Metabolic Function

appetite digestion

Once you’ve eaten more, AppetiteMax also extends to what happens with that food.

This starts with digestive support. This isn’t just helping with digestive comfort, but also getting the most from your food. Digestive enzymes like amylase and glucoamylase are great for improving the breakdown of starches – one of the most important and useful weight-gain food groups.

This makes for better short- and mid-term energy. I found this was something I noticed in the experience of eating, as well as just the results. You’ll feel more comfortable after carb-heavy meals and the science says that this is a way of getting more energy, which is the currency for weight gain and muscle growth.

This extends out to the metabolic effects of the product. Additional ingredients – like vitamins and minerals – support metabolic health. Meanwhile, piperine and other ingredients support better uptake of hard-to-get nutrients, which helps make the most of those vitamins and minerals (like B vitamins or vitamin D).

Hormonal Health and Performance

Weight gain and body changes are controlled by the hormones. AppetiteMax takes this as a chance to improve hormonal health as part of the weight gain formula, using their ‘body balance blend’ to support testosterone and other anabolic hormones.

This is important for weight gain – especially in those with stressful lives – to reduce stress hormone dominance. Supporting testosterone and other muscle-building hormones ensures that the weight you gain is high quality as well as plentiful.

There are 3 ingredients in this product – all synergists – that do this. They also work well with the vitamins and minerals (like vitamin D) that are related to hormonal health and wellbeing. This makes for health and wellbeing benefits, as well as just gaining weight. This is always a good priority to push.

Food Turnover: The Secret Key to Weight Gain?

Finally – and underrated – is the ability to go from hungry to full to hungry again. This is a cycle most people overlook since they’re more interested in the size of meals or boosting cravings.

The combination of boosting appetite and improving digestive efficiency is food turnover. This is speeding up the cycle of food-absorption and clearance to get you back to eating again. This is one way many hardgainers eat big but don’t gain weight: they have low eating frequency.

The combined benefits of the ingredients in AppetiteMax is speeding up this turnover. This is the effect I felt most clearly, as I would find myself getting hungrier sooner after a big meal, and not having to force-feed as much because I was ready to eat again naturally.

Ingredients in AppetiteMax

AppetiteMax ingredients

One thing I really appreciate about the design of this product is that each ingredient has a clear role – but also contributes to the big picture. This is something that separates good and bad supplements – especially when you’re comparing products around the same price!

Zinc and Magnesium are essential minerals for metabolism and general wellbeing. They help you get the best from your foods and support better health in 100s of ways.

B1 is a powerful metabolic aid that controls how your body burns carbs for fuel. This makes you more efficient and supports proper hormonal balance, suppressing prolactin for a better muscle-growth balance.

Vitamin D is a powerful hormone regulator and also supports the function of muscles themselves. It even protects mental health and mood – which is always positive, especially with Ashwagandha, which reduces the effects of stress and anxiety.

The hunger spark blend contains Gentiana lutea and leucine. The former is a well-known appetite booster that works in the gut itself, increasing cravings and digestion. This helps boost appetite and specifically calorie-dense cravings.

Leucine is important because it signals for muscle growth – even if you’re already getting enough protein. Leucine is the signal for muscle-building, which makes it a great addition for high-quality lean weight gain.

The body balance blend is there to support testosterone function, protect your hormones from stress, and support nutrient needs.

Ashwagandha is an anti-anxiety supplement that protects hormone function when you’re under physical (exercise) or mental stress. DAA boosts short-term testosterone to help address problems and get you to healthy levels.

Finally, Boron is a powerful synergist for compounds like B1 and DAA, as it prevents deficiency, which can limit testosterone levels.

The digest ease blend contains amylase and glucoamylase to support carb metabolism. This is particularly powerful with starches, and this can be helpful for both the experience of digestive comfort and unlocking the calorie-content of these foods for better results.

This is a benefit I felt very quickly when using AppetiteMax and it’s definitely a strong feature. It also contributes to the food turnover I talked about before, helping you lose that full feeling and get back to eating for weight gain.

The final blend is supersorb, combining piperine and ginseng. These are powerful intestinal health and absorption compounds.

Piperine is the most powerful absorption aid, causing your intestines to pass more nutrients through and absorb more vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. The ginseng is great for supporting digestive health and comfort, pairing perfectly for more effective, more comfortable digestion.

Takeaway on the Ingredients

The ingredients in AppetiteMax are excellent – among the best on the market.

What makes them effective is the organization around the 4 major benefits we outlined above. Not only that, but the interactions between ingredients. While AppetiteMax notes that they’re also scientifically-proven and effective, they underplay the smart design philosophy of the product.

It’s the combination of ingredients that work better together (like the Body balance blend or addition of Leucine) that makes this product so good. Each set of benefits – appetite, digestion, metabolism, and food turnover – were clear and obvious in the experience of using this product.

The takeaway is that the ingredients are all good, but they’re excellent in the combination and role they play in the ‘bigger picture’ of this product.

AppetiteMax: After 4 Weeks of Use

AppetiteMax reviews

I’ve used AppetiteMax for 4 weeks – which I think is a fair trial time. It’s a month’s supply, one tub of capsules, and definitely long enough to get an impression of the product. I’d like to share some of my experiences over this time, what it felt like, and what I noticed.

The first thing I noticed was the change to digestion. The enzymes land super early during use, so after a day or two I was eating starchy foods on purpose to see how it was working and I felt very light, despite eating heavier carb-rich foods. This was particularly useful with brown rice and root vegetables.

The appetite came next, after perhaps 2-3 days I found my appetite started to noticeably improve. This was most notable over the 6-8 hours after taking AppetiteMax, typically taking 1-2 hours to ‘kick in’. This was great: I’ve always been a hardgainer and it was nice to actually see some movement with my cravings.

I didn’t notice changes to my hormones directly, but I did feel myself sleeping better, feeling more energized, and more engaged with tasks. This could’ve been related to the body balance blend, but could also just be the result of better eating, more vitamins (the B and D vitamins especially), or even the anti-anxiety effects of Ashwagandha.

I gained around 2-2.5lbs over these 4 weeks, which was great because I’d been plateauing lately, and I’d normally aim at around 1-1.5lbs per month for lean weight gain. The most important thing was that it felt easy.

How to Use AppetiteMax

better health

Using AppetiteMax is as simple as you’d expect. It’s a capsule product so there’s no measuring or scoops to worry about. This also makes it easier to carry with you on your travels, whether to the gym, work, or studies.

Take 2 capsules with water, and you’re ready to go.


AppetiteMax is sold directly for $49 – a competitive price for 1 month’s supply. You can get far better value if you buy a 3 month’s supply, however, saving $88 overall and $10 per month.

It’s not the most expensive or affordable product I’ve ever seen, finding itself somewhere in the middle of the market. Competitors are typically lower in value for money simply because they’re not as effective, though, so it works out pretty well.

AppetiteMax Weight Gainer Side Effects

There are no common or predictably side effects to AppetiteMax. The ingredient choices are all healthy food supplements and extracts. There are no common allergens, and the product is made within a cGMP, FDA-approved lab so your risk of contaminants is as low as possible.

It’s still possible to experience a personal, individual intolerance or adverse reaction. Be sure to consult your doctor before a course of any supplement, especially if you’re using prescription medications, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have any pre-conditions.

AppetiteMax is safe, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check in with your medical needs.

Does AppetiteMax Work?

Yes – I’ve found that AppetiteMax works well in a few ways: I’m hungrier and more well-rested, and digestion is more comfortable. The food turnover is also powerful, and I’ve personally found that the cycle from hunger to feeding to hunger is shorter.

The ingredients are scientifically supported, which is always key, but the experience lines up with the claims. While it still takes smart dieting and choosing the right foods, as well as the right training, it certainly feels like AppetiteMax is doing what it says on the label.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Bottom Line: Is AppetiteMax Right for You?

AppetiteMax immunity

I hope this AppetiteMax review offers you all the guidance, info, and personal experience you came here for!

AppetiteMax is right for you if you’re struggling to gain weight – either because you aren’t able to eat enough to build muscle or the experience is a struggle. Simply, AppetiteMax is great if you’re not enjoying the weight gain process or finding that your weight plateaus too easily.

I’ve spent 4 weeks with this product and it’s definitely among the best weight gain supplements on the market. More specifically, it’s the best appetite stimulant I’ve used, and that’s my favorite category of weight gainer.

I found the design philosophy to be smart and considerate, the product does what it says, and the combination of appetite stimulant and digestive support was a game changer. It’s one thing to help me gain weight, and another entirely to make that comfortable. AppetiteMax delivered on both.

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