Alpha King Supreme vs Nugenix: What’s Better?

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Today we’re taking two of our favorite testosterone boosters and pitting them against each other: Alpha King Supreme vs Nugenix Ultimate.

These products have quite different targets, benefits, and secondary ingredient choices. This makes them an interesting comparison with a lot to cover. 

Let’s get started with what makes a good testosterone booster – and what each of these products has to offer.

  • Best Overall Testosterone Booster
    Alpha king supreme

    Alpha King Supreme

    The best overall testosterone booster for regulating, protecting and controlling testosterone and boosting workout performance and recovery.

  • Best for Men Over 40
    Nugenix small

    Nugenix Ultimate

    Nugenix Ultimate is great for sexual health and wellbeing and supports complete male wellbeing, especially for men over 40.

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

We review testosterone boosters using their core ingredients and their effect on testosterone – but also their secondary ingredients, micronutrient support, and their interaction with indirect benefits.

Things like improving sleep quality, for example, are indirect benefits from some compounds (like Maca root, for example).

We also look at how products compare to others on the market, using our 1000s of reviews and product trials so you know how they stack up relative to market alternatives. It’s not just about what makes a good testosterone booster – but which testosterone booster is best.

What is Alpha King Supreme?

Alpha king supreme

Despite the silly name, Alpha King Supreme is an ‘elite testosterone booster’ that combines some really effective ingredients to protect testosterone from multiple angles. 

It reduces aromatization, protects your testosterone from stress and anxiety, and even boosts workout performance.

Alpha King Supreme is one of the best choices on the market for a testosterone booster for guys looking to build muscle and strength

The interesting thing is that it combines amazing regulating and protective benefits with some less-common circulation and muscular health support compounds.

Alpha King Supreme Benefits

Alpha King Supreme has benefits to testosterone regulation and protection, controlling male and female hormone levels in your body, and boosting workout performance and recovery.

This makes it a powerful testosterone booster for the main things that men of all ages want to improve.

How Does Alpha King Supreme Boost Testosterone?

To start with, Alpha King Supreme uses a powerful set of synergistic and overlapping ingredients that can boost lowered testosterone levels – and then protect them. There are 4 major items on the ingredient list that do this:

  1. Ashwagandha – a classic traditional medicine that reduces anxiety and stress damage
  2. Mucuna pruriens – a bean extract with powerful mood support and anti-stress benefits
  3. DIM – a powerful anti-aromatization compound to prevent testosterone turning into Estrogen
  4. Boron – a classic mineral to reduce aromatization and bust deficiency before it gets you

The result of this quad-core testosterone booster is that you’re supporting testosterone levels from both sides. 

You’re improving the circulating levels by beating back stress and anxiety, then your testosterone levels stay high while you’re preventing them from being aromatized into feminizing sex hormones.

The result is improvement in a wide range of feelings and objective performance: better mood, energy levels, metabolism, mental health, cognition, sense of purpose, and engagement with life!

These are the benefits a testosterone booster is for and Alpha King Supreme locks them down with the core ingredients.

Secondary Benefits: Sexual Health and Male Wellbeing

alpha king benefits

Alpha King Supreme offers secondary benefits like libido boosting from ingredients like Fenugreek – a popular aphrodisiac that also doubles up as a sexual health support compound (1).

It improves sperm quality and erectile health, making it a great second layer of benefits.

These improvements also ride on the back of the mood, anxiety, and stress-control benefits of the core ingredients.

Sexual health is a relaxed, sympathetic nervous system thing; it benefits from improved mood and lower anxiety/stress hormones and mental excitement (even if it sounds like it’s an excitement).

Fenugreek synergizes beautifully with the better testosterone levels you’ll see from the core ingredients to make the most of your sex hormones.

The result is a healthier sex life, more fertility, and hopefully a less-anxious experience along the way to re-double all those great benefits.

Bonus Benefits: Nitric Oxide Boosters for Better Workouts and Recovery

Alpha King Supreme’s “enhanced blood flow and bioavailability matrix” includes only 2 ingredients – citrulline and AstraGin – but is one of the best secondary matrices we’ve seen on the market.

The addition of L-citrulline makes it a great way to improve your overall workout performance. Citrulline is a nitric oxide booster supplement extracted from watermelon that improves circulation, which makes it a great choice for endurance and better work capacity during workouts (2).

Some studies even suggest it helps support post-workout recovery for better muscle and strength gains.

Astragin, on the other hand, supports the absorption of nutrients through the gut, while the panax ginseng in Astragin may even provide a second layer of testosterone-boosting to the other ingredients (3).

Vitamins and Minerals

If Alpha King Supreme has one weakness, it’s that it doesn’t have the strongest vitamin and mineral content. It has 2 vitamins – D and K – and 2 minerals in the form of Magnesium and Zinc.

These support metabolism, hormonal health, and circulation – but aren’t super powerful.

Vitamin D is a great choice with a powerful dosage, but not the best we’ve seen on the market. It’s the most important vitamin, which means this is actually quite good.

Meanwhile, the vitamin K content is relatively low and doesn’t offer too many major benefits (just eat more greens!).

For the minerals, Magnesium is amazing but AKS uses only 24% of your daily intake, while prioritizing zinc at 272%. Magnesium is so much more important for this supplement, but it’s included at a relatively low level.

Zinc offers metabolic support and good tissue-folding regulation, but it’s just not as effective as it would be if you had a big dose of magnesium!


  • Great core ingredient choices for regulating testosterone levels
  • Effective secondary ingredients that provide excellent health benefits
  • Smart design ensures that you’re getting benefits for just about everything
  • Paired ingredients provide ‘strength in depth’ on the most important factors
  • Citrulline and Astragin make for an excellent set of secondary benefits (muscle and strength)


  • Mineral complex is underwhelming – and a missed opportunity!

Product Summary

Alpha King Supreme has a silly name and excellent benefits, offering an effective testosterone booster for muscle and strength, as well as health and vitality.

It’s one of the most well put together supplements around with a clear main and secondary focus.

The core of ingredients do the heavy lifting of improving your long-term testosterone levels, while the secondary ingredients boost subjective wellbeing, sexual health, and even the amount of muscle and strength you can build.

Overall, it’s clearly one of the best choices for testosterone boosting on the market – especially for active men and those who want to squeeze the most out of workouts (and life!).

Alpha King Supreme

  • Effective for muscle building and strength
  • Great for sexual health and wellbeing
  • Can help cope with stress and anxiety

What is Nugenix?

Nugenix is a testosterone booster for men over 40 with a focus on health and sexual wellbeing. It has a series of smart ingredient choices that help round out the already-good testosterone improvements to support better complete male wellbeing.

The particular focus is on reducing common man-killers like prostate cancer from multiple angles, while also improving your total health and wellbeing.

This makes it a great choice when you’re looking to get multiple benefits at once – especially those overlapping with better hormonal health and balance.

Nugenix Benefits

nugenix benefits

The main benefits of Nugenix Ultimate are improved testosterone levels, improved male health risk factors, and a secondary set of benefits to sexual health, energy, mood, and confidence.

These are similar to what you might see in other products, but the focus is far more clear.

Nugenix aims to improve testosterone, but also improves the quality of your health in ways that are specifically for men.

Ingredients like Stinging nettle, epimedium, and Maca are great for men’s health where they offer unique benefits like reducing prostate cancer risk, erectile dysfunction, and testosterone deficiency or cortisol dominance.

These make Nugenix a great competitor and choice by itself. Let’s take a deeper look at the main benefits and how it stacks up with Alpha King Supreme – and other T boosters on the market.

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How Does Nugenix Boost Testosterone Levels?

Nugenix Ultimate improves your testosterone levels with D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) as so many others do. The dose is a standard 3g, which is effective but nothing crazy.

It improves short-term testosterone levels to combat deficiency and help bolster mood, energy, and confidence in the short-term.

The additional hormonal benefits of Nugenix come from the combination of DAA with other ingredients.

Eurycoma Longifolia is protective for testosterone by reducing the negative impacts of stress and other forms of anxiety chemicals – which can squash your testosterone levels. This makes it a great combination with DAA for the best overall hormonal benefits (4).

Mucuna Pruriens plays a similar, synergistic role where it improves mood and fatigue-resistance (5).

This is useful for beating back stress and keeping testosterone levels high, but also improving your overall mood, exercise performance, and total recovery after workouts.

Health benefits: Stinging Nettle and Epimedium

Stinging Nettle Root extract is a powerful antioxidant compound that specifically improves the health of the prostate (6).

As a male-specific organ and common site of cancer (prostate cancer accounts for a significant amount of deaths due to poor detection rates. This makes prostate protection incredibly useful – reducing risks and improving overall health.

Epimedium is an aphrodisiac compound but also has a general set of health and performance benefits for men’s sexual health.

It can support testosterone levels in a protective function, but is particularly useful to squash heightened Estrogen levels (especially combined with Boron in this product) – and improve bone mineral density along the way.

The combined benefits here are noticeable: better mood and mental health, improved hormonal balance, reduced cell damage, and reduced stress-induced damage.

Bonus Benefits: Quality of Life and Health

Nungenix Ultimate will also provide you with a host of secondary benefits – sexual health, mood, and confidence.

Fenugreek improves your sexual health and libido, with the expected aphrodisiac effects. You’ll also experience subjective improvements – to mood, but also specifically around sex and anxiety levels. These can be a huge lifestyle improvement for men over 40.

Maca is a more all-purpose herbal extract with subjective benefits to everything from mood to sleep.

It is an indirect ingredient, then, and improves a wide range of benefits modestly – like sleep quality, testosterone levels (by beating stress), and stress-resilience due to lower anxiety.

These benefits are all about how you feel while using Nugenix Ultimate for health and wellbeing.

They also overlap perfectly with healthier testosterone levels to make you healthier, happier, and more stress-resilient with layers of supporting, active compounds.


  • Great male-specific health support
  • Improves testosterone levels while reducing the negative effects of stress
  • Great health choices with a wide range of protective effects
  • Useful overlapping benefits combine to provide better protection


  • Lacks some of the most powerful testosterone-support compounds (like Ashwagandha)
  • Doesn’t provide the vitamin and mineral essentials seen in products like Prime Male or TestoFuel

Alpha King Supreme vs Nugenix: The Comparison

Between Alpha King Supreme vs Nugenix, we prefer Alpha King Supreme as it is a more effective pure testosterone booster with a stronger core of ingredients – though these two products have considerably different goals and methods. They have different targets.

Alpha King Supreme is better at simply boosting testosterone levels but lacks the specific over-40 support and prostate health ingredients.

Instead, it offers direct benefits to men of all ages with a wide range of hormonal support compounds, dedicated exercise support, and a great blend of vitamins and minerals.

While they’re both good products, Alpha King Supreme is our clear winner.

Benefit head-to-head

alpha king supreme or nugenix

Alpha King Supreme narrowly wins when it comes to core ingredients.

While it is a little thin on the ground with only DAA and Ashwagandha, secondary benefits from DIM and Mucuna help round out the basics and reinforce total hormone health.

The secondary benefits of these two products are even – they have completely different targets. Alpha King Supreme is better for younger guys and offers workout benefits.

Meanwhile, Nugenix Ultimate helps men over 40 age successfully with better protective and anti-aging, anti-disease benefits.

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Verdict and Final Thoughts

Key Takeaway

In the comparison of Alpha King Supreme Vs Nugenix Ultimate, we prefer Alpha King Supreme for its superior core ingredient setup. These two products have similar profiles but the Ashwagandha and Citrulline in Alpha King Supreme win the day.

Nugenix Ultimate is still a great product for men over 40, but does lack some of the more effective direct testosterone-modulating ingredients. 

It wins on the most important factors, while the two products compete evenly on secondaries (workout performance vs prostate and sexual health), and AKS has a greater set of vitamin and mineral benefits, besides.

Nugenix Ultimate is a great product, but Alpha King Supreme is the more effective testosterone booster – and that’s why it wins this heads-up.

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