AllMax Mass Gainer Review 2023

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Our AllMax Mass Gainer review is going to take you through: 

  1. Is the AllMax mass gainer good?
  2. Is AllMass worth the money?
  3. What ingredients will you get in this weight gainer?
  4. Is the AllMax Mass Gainer right for you?
  5. The major Pros and Cons of this premium mass gainer.

What is AllMax Mass Gainer? 

AllMax is a premium mass gainer combining high quality ingredients for a powerful muscle growth stimulus.

AllMax uses great sources for all 3 macronutrients: protein, carbs, and fats. The ALLCARBO Complex is a mixture of medium chain triglycerides and oat powder. This produces healthy weight gain – with less sugar and more healthy fats.

The result is a mass gainer that’s much healthier than most. It also provides a great balance of calorie content per scoop with protein and nutrients. AllMax is also fortified with key vitamins and minerals: calcium, iron, sodium, and potassium.

What is AllMax Mass Gainer

Overall, AllMax is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-quality mass gainer. You get 57 scoops in a bag – and I like this as 28 servings of 2 scoops per shake.

Ingredients: What is in AllMass Gainer?

AllMax is a mass gainer comprising ALLCARBO complex (MCTs and oat flour) and a whey protein blend. That means whey concentrate, whey isolate, and both forms of milk protein.

AllMax only has a few ingredients – and they’re all important:

  • MCTs: high-quality fats for digestion and metabolism (1)
  • Oat flour: premium starch for sustained energy release
  • Whey (blend): fast-absorbing proteins – perfect post-workout
  • Milk protein (blend): slower-absorbing proteins for sustained recovery
Ingredients - What is in AllMass Gainer

This provides one of the best mass gainers on the market for sustained release. This makes it perfect post-workout, but also convenient for topping up through the day.

AllMax’s high quality ingredients are a powerful choice for healthy weight gain. Where low-quality products have too much sugar and may cause metabolic damage, AllMax is far healthier.

AllMass Macronutrients

AllMass Macronutrients

AllMax’s macronutrients are heavy on the carbs: a 5-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein. This is a little high, but they’re great carbs so it’s not a big deal.


Typically, we like to see a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. More carbs means more energy but less protein – which is typically the most important active ingredient in a mass gainer. Leaner mass gainers can provide 2:1 ratios, like Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer or Universal Real Gains.

The higher carb count means more calories, but less protein per serving. At 24g protein per 2 scoops, it’s around 1 scoop of normal whey protein per serving. This is a little low, making it slightly worse value for money than ‘lean’ mass gainers.

allmass mass gainer review

A whopping 80% of calories in AllMax Mass Gainer come from carbs.

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AllMax Mass Gainer Benefits: What Does it Do?

AllMax mass gainer is a high carb mass gainer that provides tons of ‘healthier’ calories for bulking up. The high carb content means it’s easier to drink – and those carbs come from oat flour, which is great.

AllMax Mass Gainer Benefits - What Does it Do

The problem is that the protein is relatively low, but it does make up for this with the quality of macro sources:

  • The protein is a blend, providing the best benefits
  • Oat flour is a lower-GI carb for less metabolic stress
  • MCTs are some of the best fast-absorbing fats

These provide a good balance for skinny guys who want raw calorie surplus, not leaner weight gain shakes.

Healthy Weight Gain

The ingredients in AllMax are great for health compared to others on the market. They’re sustained release, preventing many of the worst effects of sugary mass gainers (here are some mass gainers without sugar).

Healthy Weight Gain

The protein sources are a great blend for easy absorption and reduced digestive stress. The carbs are from oats – a classic source for great, healthy starches. The fat sources – Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs – are also excellent.

The result is a healthy mass gainer for bulking up. This is a common concern, and it’s a huge step up on the high-sugar ‘bargain bin’ mass gainers.

Metabolic Stability

Metabolic Stability

The quality of ingredients in AllMax’s mass gainer also protect your metabolism. With starches instead of sugars, you’re at much lower risk of side effects like pre-diabetes. 

The insulin resistance that some mass gainers cause can have real health risks. AllMass avoids this with oat starch, bringing you the best metabolic health.

The MCTs also support better fat metabolism, which can be really helpful to balance out the carb content – even slightly.

Sustained Growth and Recovery (carb/pro/fat GI parity)

Sustained Growth and Recovery

Mixing fast and slow absorbing protein sources produces better results. The carbs and whey are both relatively fast acting to repair muscles (2). This means more muscle growth and a fast start to post-workout recovery and growth.

Meanwhile, the milk proteins are slower – around 80% casein – for sustained recovery. This is key because 7-hour protein accretion is more important for muscle growth. Milk protein has you covered for those long-term gains.

The important thing is this: the fats, carbs, and protein digest in similar timeframes. This means you get a burst of protein and carbs, then a sustained boost over time. This is the best format for better gains – and AllMass has nailed it.

Serving Flexibility

We like smaller scoops for mass gainers: you get accurate control over your intake. With a 1 scoop nutrition label, you can tailor your intake. 

Serving Flexibility

The 5-scoop recommendation is absurd, around 1880 calories, but the 1-2 scoop servings are great. 1 scoop is 360 calories, so I recommend 1-2 as a way to add just enough calories to gain muscle.

You can eat a perfectly normal diet and add these 360-720 calories to your day for muscle growth. It’s a far better value tactic than 11 huge servings. Flexibility like this lets you get more from your mass gainer supplement.


  • Great quality ingredients
  • Strong overall design idea
  • Healthier weight gain
  • Good serving flexibility
  • Excellent profile for muscle gain and athletic recovery


  • Relatively expensive (especially per gram of protein)
  • Doesn’t have great protein content
  • Suggested serving size of 5 scoops is ridiculous

AllMax All Mass Gainer: Our Verdict

AllMax All Mass Gainer - Our Verdict

AllMass is a great mass gainer but it does seem to fit serious trainees best. It’s an expensive product with lower protein content, which means you need good dietary protein. That means combining it with other protein supplements or a high-protein diet.

AllMax’s mass gainer is a strong choice for health and results per scoop, but it does cost you extra. The scoops with lower protein are a small trade-off, making it a perfect calorie rich choice.

Boosts weight gain speed and amount?Yes
Improves weight gain quality (more muscle, less fat)?Yes
Uses healthier carbs than other mass gainers?Yes
Reduces muscle damage and improves exercise performance?Yes
Great protein per serving?Decent
Great digestive profile for a happier gut?Yes
Good value for money?Costly

You’ll get excellent sustained release on both the protein and carbs for better results. It’s a perfect post-workout mass gainer shake, with excellent recovery benefits. It’s just a little expensive and not the leanest, so make sure it fits your macros!

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