Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix: How to Choose

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Ageless Male Max Vs Nugenix Ultimate is a battle for the most effective testosterone booster supplement for men over 40 and their health.

These 2 market leaders are both built to provide better hormonal health, stronger total wellbeing, and even a secondary set of benefits that blend hormonal health with mood, sexual health, and longevity.

Today, we’re going to look at what you get from these popular products, which is best, and everything else you need to know to get the right male wellbeing supplement for your needs.

  • Best for Men Over 40
    ageless max small

    Ageless Male Max

    Ageless Male Max is a powerful testosterone booster for men over 40 and can be a great way to reduce stress and boost overall health.

  • Best Overall Testosterone Booster
    Nugenix small

    Nugenix Ultimate

    Nugenix Ultimate is the best overall testosterone booster that offers everything Ageless Male does, plus other health benefits.

How We Review Testosterone Boosters

We review testosterone boosters by paying attention to their benefits, ingredients, and how they compare to alternatives on the market. We prioritize 3 major factors when reviewing testosterone boosters:

  • How effectively does it improve testosterone levels? Are they short- or long-term benefits?
  • How do they affect tangential areas of men’s health like strength, stress, and inflammation?
  • What secondary benefits can they offer to areas like healthy aging, sexual health, and mood?

These are the most important factors that we’ve used to review Ageless Male MAX and Nugenix Ultimate.

What this criteria will let us do is compare and contrast the two, as well as discussing which testosterone booster is best for who – and which is going to be best for your needs!

What is Ageless Male MAX?

Ageless Max

Ageless Male MAX is a men’s health supplement focusing on anti-aging and testosterone-boosting benefits.

This produces some synergies as boosting testosterone levels can help combat some of the most unwanted effects of aging like poor confidence, body composition change, and low mood or confidence.

Ageless Male MAX attempts to bring these changes back around to help men (particularly men over 35) get into better shape and support their anti-aging goals.

It uses a few simple, effective ingredients to support health, wellbeing, and male-specific quality of life changes.

We’re going to look at it for testosterone as well as other effects, using it as a testosterone booster for men over 40 – where it’s strongest. Here’s what you’re going to get if you buy Ageless Male MAX:

Ageless Male MAX Benefits

The main benefits of Ageless Male are improved testosterone-protection and reduced anxiety, as well as a wide range of anti-oxidant effects.

These are the foundation for improved health and quality of life, while the antioxidants slow the effects of aging and support a wide range of health factors.

Ageless Male is not a powerful testosterone booster in the same ways as Nugenix and Testofierce, Prime Male or Testogen.

It’s a testosterone protector which may boost testosterone levels if you’re deficient due to lifestyle and environmental stress.

Instead, Ageless Male helps you protect what you’ve got and tips the scale away from stress towards recovery and health.

This is useful all by itself, using Ashwagandha to produce the main benefits – though this is included at lower doses in other products (1).

NOXPerform: A Vegetable Extract Blend for Health

The NOXPerform combination is a blend of powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and circulation-boosting ingredients. It’s a proprietary blend, so we can’t talk about the specific ingredients and doses, but it does blend some of the most powerful vegetable extracts out there.

You can expect better health and wellbeing, a lot of improvements to how you feel, and even improvements to mental and physical performance.

These benefits will be modest, but varied – they’re not very focused but they’re going to spread across all of life in a positive way.

Vitamin And Mineral Complex: Supporting Aging Brains and Bodies

ageless male benefits

The vitamin and mineral support from Ageless Male focuses on the right ingredients – vitamin D, B vitamins, and zinc – but doesn’t offer the most potent concentrations on the market.

It offers B5, B6, and B12 in healthy doses that can be useful. However, these are quite low-absorption vitamins which makes these doses slightly less impressive.

Other products on the market may use up to 3,200% of your RDA, while Ageless Male is around 50% for B vitamins.

The Vitamin D content is the most impressive – and most important. This provides key benefits to male aging: protecting your brain and hormones, together, against aging risk (2).

Zinc is in this blend, where it supports metabolism and protein-folding.

These both become compromised as we age, which makes it a great inclusion to stave off some of the declines in recovery you might see over 40.

It would be better paired with Magnesium, however, it is (sadly) missing from Ageless Male.

Bonus Benefits: Synergies and Vitamins

The synergistic benefits of the ingredients in Ageless Male support better brain health and hormonal resilience.

They’re great for repairing damage done by stress and lifestyle, helping your body and brain get back to their sharpest and supporting long-term health.

The building of resilience and resetting your natural, healthy hormone levels are absolutely essential to health.

These changes interact with everything you do and it’s this wide-spread benefit that defines Ageless Male – both in its vitamins, its use of NOXPerform, and the focus on Vitamin D.

There are serious trickle-down benefits to these broad improvements, and they show up in subjective wellbeing with boosted mood, confidence, and “freshness” as Ageless Male supports your natural recovery and regulation processes.


  • Great for overall health
  • Excellent way to support a better overall health and hormone profile
  • Improves subjective wellbeing, mood, and confidence


  • Relatively weak vitamin and mineral content
  • Doesn’t have the same singularity of purpose as something like CentraPeak

Product Summary

Overall, Ageless Male isn’t the most effective testosterone booster – but it has excellent secondary effects for health.

Men over 40 will see the best benefits as it begins to improve testosterone stability, antioxidant effects, and improvements to the most important vitamins and minerals in the body.

It’s a great choice for men who are concerned about aging and testosterone levels, and want a balanced way to improve hormonal health – but also their healthy aging and stress-protection.

Ageless Male Max

  • Great supplement for men over 40
  • Supports healthy hormone levels
  • Can help boost mood and confidence

What is Nugenix Ultimate?

nugenix ultimate

Nugenix Ultimate is a dedicated testosterone support supplement that has a specific focus on other areas of men’s health such as prostate health and reducing inflammation.

Nugenix offers a balanced approach to many common concerns for men over 40 and combats them with effective herbal extracts.

The main focus of Nugenix is to combine these health benefits with effective and dependable testosterone boosting ingredients.

As with Ageless Male, this means a product that has a core of testosterone boosting ingredients, but also secondary choices for other benefits.

Here is the basic overview of what you’re going to get with Nugenix Ultimate:

Nugenix Benefits

The main benefits of Nugenix Ultimate are better testosterone levels, reduced risk of common male health problems like prostate enlargement, and an improvement to mood and subjective wellbeing.

These cover the primary, secondary, and subjective benefits we talked about above.

Nugenix Ultimate is comparable to Ageless Male for these focus points, which is why comparing the two is both important and difficult! They’re both offering great benefits and are some of the best testosterone boosters for men over 40.

Nugenix Ultimate

nugenix ultimate
  • Great overall testosterone booster for long term results
  • Can improve sexual health
  • Supports better mood and overall health

Boosting Testosterone: Sustainable and Immediate Gains

Testosterone levels will improve with Nugenix Ultimate – both in the short and long term – because of the core ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) produces immediate benefits to hormone levels with an improvement that is particularly potent for men with testosterone deficiency or short-term low testosterone levels (3).

This is backed up with Mucuna Pruriens, boron, and Eurycoma Longifolia (Longjack), all of which have testosterone-protective effects.

These extracts ensure that you’re getting better hormone support after the 2-4 weeks of DAA benefits slowly wear off.

These provide the longevity for this product and ensure that you’re not just constantly cycling on and off of DAA.

The resilience of your hormonal balance is a great boost and can be powerful when combined with the main benefits of DAA for men with stress-induced or medically-low testosterone levels.

nugenix benefits

Reducing Cancer Risk and Supporting Health

The secondary health benefits are mainly the result of the combined benefits of stinging nettle extract and epimedium.

These produce better prostate health – an essential part of cancer prevention and better quality of life for men over 40.

Stinging nettle extract, in particular, reduces the risk of prostate growth (prostate hyperplasia) which increases your risk of prostate cancer (4).

This is a major killer of men, accounting for around 7-8% of all cancer deaths, and often being caught very late.

Improving Sexual Health With Nugenix Ultimate

You’ll also get secondary benefits to sexual health with Nugenix Ultimate, particularly erectile quality and libido.

These overlap with subjective mood and relaxation benefits from Maca, Fenugreek, and Stinging nettle overlapping to provide powerful subjective benefits.

These are most important to how you feel, along with the best benefits of improved testosterone benefits of the core ingredients.

The result is a better overall set of mental and physical benefits, providing a well-rounded improvement to your health and quality of life.

These make it a clear competitor with Ageless Male and put the two head-to-head going into our comparison and round-up!


  • Good core ingredients to support better testosterone levels
  • Strong secondary ingredients for men’s health and wellbeing
  • Supports better mood, sexual health, and cell health
  • Great combinations with Eurycoma and Mucuna for long-term benefits


  • Doesn’t offer a powerful vitamin and mineral profile
  • Lacks some of the healthy-aging focus of Ageless Male

Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix: The Comparison

Comparing Ageless Male Max vs Nugenix Ultimate, Nugenix is the better testosterone booster supplement and male wellness aid. While they’re both good products, Nugenix has a clearer focus on the actual testosterone-boosting side of the game.

Ageless Male is a fantastic anti-aging or successful aging supplement but it doesn’t have the same pure power of the core ingredients in Nugenix Ultimate.

Nugenix offers a more effective core experience to boost testosterone levels, while Ageless Male is more protective – and doesn’t have the same spread across short-, mid-, and long-term benefits.

Ageless Male is a great choice for men over 40 concerned with health and aging, but not as effective for testosterone boosting or the subjective benefits of Nugenix Ultimate, from libido to mood to energy levels.

Benefit head-to-head

nugenix vs ageless male max

Nugenix Ultimate wins on some of our most important categories: boosting testosterone and secondary benefits.

The core testosterone boosting ingredients are clearly better, with a more powerful set of ingredients and simply more of them than Ageless Male.

This also continues to secondary ingredients where the focus on male-specific health is crucially valuable and improves your total health and wellbeing.

However, Nugenix has a very weak vitamin and mineral content with a nearly-zero content for the main contenders.

While Ageless Male isn’t super strong for these compounds, it wins by default, while the NOXperform blend offers many overlapping health benefits aside from the vitamins and minerals.

Who is it for?

Nugenix Ultimate is an effective health-supporting testosterone booster supplement for men over 40 who want to boost testosterone.

It has secondary effects on health which may also make it more appealing, with a general balance of testosterone support to overall health.

Ageless Male is for men over 40 who are interested in all-round health support but also want to support their hormonal health. It has a weaker representation for testosterone boosting, but does have some benefits – and a ridiculously varied group of health boosters.

Verdict and Final Thoughts

Key Takeaway

When comparing Ageless Male vs Nugenix Ultimate, Nugenix is the most effective testosterone booster. It does more for your hormones than Ageless Male – despite having a weaker vitamin and mineral content.

The result is a clear win for Nugenix Ultimate as a testosterone support supplement, but then a different set of secondary benefits.

Nugenix is about sexual health and prostate protection, while Ageless Male is an all-health booster that has an interesting set of supporting extracts.

The result is that you want Nugenix Ultimate if you’re looking for a straight T-booster, while Ageless Male has more of a one-a-day type focus (like a super-advanced multivitamin).

The result is that Nugenix is always our pick for testosterone, but the secondary benefits are down to your personal needs!

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