Garden Of Life Greens Vs Athletic Greens

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Which green powder is worth your hard earned green? 

Garden of life Green Superfood vs Athletic Greens – two very different approaches to green supplements

Today, we’re looking at these two popular contenders and what each can do for your life…

  • Best Overall Nutritional Shake
    Athletic Greens

    Athletic Greens AG1

      The best overall nutritional shake for overall health and well-being.
  • Great Green Supplement
    Garden of life Green Superfood

    Garden of Life Green Superfood

      Great green supplement with a variety of nutrient-packed ingredients to support healthy nutrient sufficiency.

Garden of Life Green Superfood: What Is It?

Garden of Life Green Superfood - What Is It

Garden of life green superfood is a green plant extract supplement with a wide variety of healthy, nutrient-packed ingredients. It combines popular ingredients like spirulina, kelp, broccoli flower, kale, spinach, and others to support health and nutrient sufficiency.

Garden of life has more of a “hippy” bent to it, with more general health and less of a targeted focus than some green powders.


One of the most interesting additions is a sprouted bean complex that offers potent health support for the cost. Interestingly, it also has one of the best enzyme complexes we’ve ever seen in any product – especially a green powder.

Garden Of Life Ingredients: What’s In It?

Garden Of Life Ingredients - What’s In It

The ingredients in green superfood include the green juice blend, whole food matrix, protein mineral blend, veggie juice blend, HSO probiotic blend, and ionic plant based minerals.

Each of these blends includes its own main ingredients – but there are 100+ ingredients in this green supplement.

The ingredients include all kinds of plants:

  • Marine greenery
  • Sprouting beans
  • Brassica vegetable extracts
  • Many whole plant foods
  • Squashes and gourds
  • Bulb and root vegetable extracts
  • Extensive digestive enzymes and prebiotics

Overall, this strikes a great balance. Green superfoods offer many, varied wellbeing effects. Let’s look at what it does for you…

Garden Of Life Benefits: What Does It Do?

Garden Of Life Benefits - What Does It Do

The main benefits of Garden Of Life Greens are improved digestive health, metabolism, immune function, mental performance, and more. It has broad benefits, but doesn’t have a dedicated result it wants to push.


  • Strong basics and some great choices
  • Excellent digestive enzymes – some of the best we’ve seen
  • Sprouts are a really interesting frontier for green powder supplements


  • Lacks some potent active ingredients
  • Benefits are poorly define and may not be noticeable
  • Digestive enzymes don’t do much without a great target

Green superfood nourishes – and it does that well because of the secondary, digestive enzyme ingredients. Each blend has its own focus and benefits:

  1. Green juice blend: major antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects for cell health.
  2. Whole food matrix: nutrient dense and packed with phytonutrients for immune health, metabolism, and circulation.
  3. Protein mineral blend: aquatic veg to offer a wider variety of minerals – though not actually high protein.
  4. Veggie juice blend: the most potent green veg extracts for immunity, metabolism, hormonal health, digestion and gut health, and more. The active blend in the whole supplement.
  5. HSO probiotic blend: fantastic digestive support for all kinds of nutrients, boosting absorption.

Garden of Life Green Superfood

Garden of life Green Superfood
  • Green juice blend with anti-inflammatory effects
  • May help with digestion and gut health
  • Great for immunity and hormonal health

Athletic Greens AG1 Overview: What Is It?

Athletic Greens AG1 Overview - What Is It

Athletic greens is a high quality super green powder with a focus on wellbeing and athletic performance.

It’s distinguished by the smart design, combining synergists and overlapping benefits across blends. This has made athletic greens popular across all kinds of health and fitness goals.

Athletic Greens Ingredients: What’s In It?

Athletic Greens Ingredients - What’s In It

The key ingredients in Athletic Greens are pea protein and 4 blends of plant extracts: the superfood blend, antioxidant blend, digestive and mushroom blend, and probiotics. Here’s what you’re getting:

  1. Superfood: spirulina, broccoli, licorice cocoa bean, beet powder, papaya, chlorella, and wheatgrass.
  2. Antioxidants: carrot, grape seed, green tea, acerola, kelp, CoQ10, spinach leaf, and more.
  3. Digestive and mushroom: ginger, astragalus, shiitake, reishi, burdock root, and more.
  4. Probiotic: beta-glucans, inulin, whole dandelion, artichoke, slippery elm bark, and more.

Or you can check out the ingredients for yourself here:

AG1 Ingredients

Athletic Greens Benefits: What Does It Do?

Athletic Greens Benefits - What Does It Do

Athletic greens’ benefits include metabolic support, hormonal regularity, improved metabolism and energy, better immunity, and improved digestion. 


  • Great ingredient choices with clear synergy
  • Excellent combinations for maximum effect
  • Digestive blend and probiotics help absorb marine vegetation
  • Complete multi-vitamin and multi-mineral support


  • Not the cheapest green powder on the market
  1. The superfood blend improves cell health and contributes to almost every process in your body. These are potent healthful compounds.
  2. The antioxidant blend protects cells and supports their most important regulatory processes
  3. The digestive and mushroom blend is perfect for regulating gut health and helping you absorb other nutrients.
  4. The probiotic blend regulates gut health and synergizes with the digestive blend.

Athletic Greens AG1

Athletic Greens
  • Digestive blend for regulating gut health and overall digestion
  • Great for overall health benefits

Our Verdict: Garden Of Life Vs Athletic Greens

Our Verdict - Garden Of Life Vs Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is a better green supplement than Garden of Life green superfood for most people. Garden of life offers great nutrient support, but the use of sprouts is just a little vague – the benefits are not as clear and well-structured as Athletic Greens AG1. 

Garden Of Life Green SuperfoodAthletic Greens AG1
Ingredients improve varied health factorsStrong overall profile with protein and nutrients
Strong focus on wellbeing and longevitySynergy and overlapping benefits
Lacks unique benefits – could be eaten insteadUnique benefits compared to food alone 
Lacks clear benefits and “market edge” – sprouts don’t cut it!More expensive than single-use greens or protein

The focus on clear benefits and a more complete multi-vitamin and mineral benefits of AG1 make it a fantastic choice. The enzymes of Garden of Life are great, but won’t offer you what you need without other, more impactful ingredients!

Click here to check prices for both Athletic Greens AG1 and Garden of Life Superfood.

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