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GainingTactics: Fitness & Lifestyle for Hardgainers

A website made for hardgainers, by the hardgainers. If you’re constantly worried about your fast metabolism and skinny muscular structure, you are on the right website.

At GainingTactics, you would find everything you need in your weight gain journey; starting from the best foods and exercises to gain weight, to how to maintain the weight you have gained and the best supplements during the process.

But how do we know what’s good for hardgainers? Because we have lived the life in the body of hardgainers, and have all the experience needed to help you. The major problem with hardgainers is the ultra-fast metabolism and not enough appetite to maintain a regular calorie surplus.

Solution? Use our experience and science-based educational and informative articles to make tiny changes in your lifestyle, including your diet and workouts, and you would start seeing results immediately. Here’s how to navigate this website.

Medical Disclaimer

None of the information on GainingTactics is meant to replace medical treatment or advise. The website only provides general information and personal advise on health and fitness related topics.

The supplement reviews, workout plans and all other articles written on this website are professionally written by personal trainers and sports nutritionists and are backed by scientific evidence.

However, the content is only intended for informational purposes and does not intent to substitute medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. The supplement reviews are personal opinions based on the usage and several other criteria.

If you have a medical concern or require medical help, you should consult with a professional healthcare provider and seek medical treatment. Always consult a qualified doctor before starting a new fitness routine or dietary supplement. If you have a medical emergency, contact your doctor immediately.

Who’s Behind GainingTactics?

Rohan Arora: Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, GainingTactics

Rohan Arora - About Us

Rohan works as a professional digital marketer during the day and leads the team of amazing fitness enthusiasts at GainingTactics during the night. Currently based in Toronto, Canada, Rohan has been involved in fitness, nutrition, and healthy lifestyle for over 7 years, and has helped countless hardgainers gain weight through experience and scientific approach.

Originally a hardgainer with a fast metabolism, Rohan first started working out and immediately fell in love with the process of self-improvement, physical training, and healthy eating.

While his fast-running metabolism may have kept him from getting muscular and healthy, his slow and consistent progress with workout plans, diet, supplementation, and recovery helped him understand the ins and outs of body composition and achieving fitness goals.

He now shares his extensive experience through personal blog articles aimed at helping other hardgainers gain healthy weight. He also leads a group of writers who write educational product and supplement reviews to help others make the right decisions when it comes to taking products that affect their bodies.

Rohan Arora Nutritionist

These weight gain articles, product reviews, and educational information then gets medically reviewed by certified fitness professionals and medical professionals for accuracy and relevance check, before they are out on the website.

Swati Jaiswal: Fitness Writer

Swati Jaiswal

Swati is a Content Writer and Blogger based in India, who is fervently passionate about nutrition, and supplements – anything that sounds synonymous with fitness and health.

Swati is a regular contributor on Gaining Tactics and has worked as a guest writer for numerous fitness and health websites and blogs. She has been certified for completion of online courses in Nutrition, Essentials of Sports Nutrition, and Bodybuilding Supplements.

Apart from online courses, she is constantly looking to absorb factually correct information on health and fitness, personalizing workout and diet routines for herself and people in her circle, who wish to adopt a better lifestyle.

For Swati, however, fitness was not always the foremost priority – not before her senior year of high school anyway. She would rather prefer fries and coke over curves (at the right places). Her idea of fitness was limited to cycling and morning jogs before she reluctantly signed up for a gym with a few friends. Although her idea was to drop the whole gig the moment her body said ‘no, you can’t drag me there, again’, the burn she felt, as she says, was ‘exhilarating and challenging’.

Something about Swati is that she loves challenges. Although she never thought she could, yet, every time she wanted to stop, she pushed herself harder. Now, working out, and blogging her heart out about general well-being and fitness, nutrition and health have become a regular thing for her. She is of the viewpoint that her passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle has not only had a positive impact on her body but also her mind, giving her a boosted self-confidence.

Apart from writing on Health and Fitness, Swati also works on niches such as Digital Marketing, Animals, Lifestyle, and Travel.

When Swati isn’t ‘working’ or ‘working-out’, she is probably delving deep into case laws, conflux of constitutional rights and privacy (or some good fiction), listening to Pink Floyd, or planning to hit the beach sometime.

Dipanjana Mukherjee: Fitness Writer

Dipanjana Mukherjee

Dipanjana’s tryst with fitness and nutrition started way back in high school when she developed an interest in reading about workout routines and diets. As a concept, the idea of taking care of her body seemed appealing, but in reality, it was more of a love-hate relationship. To commit to fitness, she thought she had to give up on all her free time.

That’s when she realised, fitness should be personalized and it’s important to know how things work to be able to figure out what’s best for an individual. She realized that she can do things at her own pace, as long as she had a strategy in place. When Dipanjana started actively working out and setting personal fitness goals in her University days, she realized the wonders it could do for her mental health as well.

Over time, she has become the go-to person in her social circles for fitness advice. Dipanjana believes the trick is to do in-depth research to figure out what will work for your body, instead of following fads and trends. She strongly encourages people to not get intimidated and simply take the first baby step on their fitness journey. She claims that fitness has truly been a transformative experience for her- both physically and mentally.

Dipanjana is a postgraduate student of Literature, and has studied Nutrition alongside- both as part of her University curriculum as well as online certificate courses. When she is not working out, Dipanjana can usually be found writing blogs and screenplays or napping amidst a sea of pillows.

Dina Mustabašić – MPharm | MNutr | Certified Nutrition Specialist

Dina was always a skinny girl and had a small appetite. However, in her early 20s, she gained some weight. This didn’t bother her until she couldn’t fit into her favorite jeans. Determined to lose some weight, she became interested in nutrition and fitness. 

She purchased her first fitness program, cut sugar and carbs, and finally started to see some progress. She didn’t like cardio and doesn’t like it to this day, but she was persuasive. Her love for carbs proved to be a bigger challenge, leading her to struggle with her diet. She later realized that carbs weren’t the enemy and that cardio wasn’t the only solution for weight loss. 

At the persuasion of a friend, she joined the gym and completely fell in love with weightlifting. Every time she left the gym, she felt renewed, which is why it became her favorite place.

While pursuing her M.Pharm, she was introduced to Bromatology, a study of food. Dina made a promise to herself to earn a second degree in Nutrition. She kept her promise and graduated with straight A’s, earning a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. Today, she works as a nutritionist, dietitian, health consultant, and writer.

She transformed from a girl who didn’t like food to a woman who makes moaning sounds while she eats. She went from hating cardio to hating rest days, from avoiding carbs to enjoying her favorite pasta. Dina learned that balance is key. Nobody should have to give up their favorite food or force themselves to do a workout they hate. Life is too short to torture yourself. It is meant to be lived to the fullest.

Khushali Shah – Certified Nutritionist and Co-founder, Healthy and Khush

Although being a very active individual, Khushali has struggled with weight management for the better part of her life. And after a lot of failed attempts and years of education, she is finally at her fittest best. 

To help solve the life-long problem of wanting to look a particular way and to be healthy, she got her education in nutrition. She believes in an inclusive approach to food, and wants to free as many people as possible from the ‘diet culture’. She also propogates the body positive mindset, and believes you can start your fitness journey at any age, or from any size. 

She runs her own fitness blog and her goal with this is to share science-based tips and hacks to help people move forward on their fitness journey.

Dr. Kinjal Kanani – M.D. Homeopathic

Dr. Kinjal Kanani

Imagine a doctor who, while studying the intricacies of the human body, suddenly realized she wasn’t taking care of her own. That’s the story of Dr. Kinjal – a woman on a mission to boost not only her physical health but also her mental well-being.

It all started with panic attacks that left her feeling overwhelmed and helpless. After being tired of succumbing to her fears, she turned to fitness as a way to empower herself. And boy, did it work! Today, she is a fitness fanatic who hardly misses a day at the gym.

She’s tried it all – from high-intensity interval training to yoga. But it wasn’t just the physical benefits that kept her coming back for more. She discovered that the rush of endorphins after a tough workout was a natural stress reliever, helping manage her anxiety.

Now, Dr. Kinjal wants to share her passion with the world. She’s on a mission to empower and encourage others to prioritize their physical health, not just for the aesthetic benefits, but for the mental clarity and emotional stability that come with it. Through her writing, she shares her journey and offers valuable tips and tricks to help others get started on their path to wellness.

Dr. Kinjal is a regular contributor to Gaining Tactics and has worked as a guest writer for numerous fitness and health websites and blogs. 

Virgilyn Anne Obligar – Registered Dietitian

Anne Obligar

Anne is a Registered Dietitian with almost 5 years of experience in a research institution specializing in Food and Nutrition. She has done nutrition counseling, nutrition analysis, and nutrition calculation, and has even collaborated with renowned scientists in the field of nutrition. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and she can’t wait to see where her career takes her next.

Anne has always been someone who loves to stay active and eat well. She firmly believes that a healthy body is a happy body, and makes sure to take care of herself both physically and mentally. This is why she loves doing yoga – it’s a great way to relax and center herself, even on the busiest of days.

But here’s a fun fact about Anne – she’s not just a Registered Dietitian! She also loves gardening, and grows her own fruits and veggies in her backyard. It’s so satisfying for her to know exactly where her food comes from, and to be able to enjoy fresh, pesticide-free produce whenever she wants.

During the pandemic, Anne decided to take a career break and try her hand at freelance work. It’s been a bit of a learning curve, but she’s loving the flexibility and freedom that comes with being her own boss. Who knows where this new adventure will take her next?

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