8 Ideas To Help You Build Muscle Like A Pro

Phil Heath and Kai Greene both look to be in awesome form and makes us all look forward to the next Mr. Olympia competition. But how does the regular Joe get to build such massive muscles and be in such perfect form?

It looks expensive, time consuming, and too difficult if you don’t have the right tools and attitude. However, the truth is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or take over your whole life. You too can build huge muscles and stay in top form like these pros. Use these simple ideas and get huge fast.

Idea #1. Eat Right

25-year-old Wales rugby captain, Sam Warburton, has had a great run as an open-side flanker in the last 6 years. Looking at him now, it is impossible to accept that one of his biggest problems as a teen was bulking up. He was always skinny and no matter what he ate it all just seemed to get in and out.

Nevertheless, Sam discovered that to build muscle mass, he had to very carefully watch what he ate. He had to consume the right carbs at the right time and in the right portions. He also had to differentiate between different protein types, how much to take in with each meal, how many meals to take per day, and the protein shakes that work best with his body type.

Your first step to bulking up on lean mass is discovering the right foods for your body type and the best times to take them. Watch your portions and strictly balance for maximum dietary benefits.

Idea #2. Intensify Your Training

Unlike Sam Warburton, the WWE professional wrestler, John Cena, has amazing genetics that should seemingly make it easy for him to build up muscle mass. However, Cena confesses that it all started out as a real struggle. He would follow the training routines of some of the greats such as Arnold Schwarzenegger without much to show for it. For a long time, his weight stuck at 120lbs.

It was only after he started training at high intensity that he got bulky and ripped. Escalating the intensity of your workouts forces your muscles to grow big fast. You make your workout intense by completing it within a set time limit. You escalate the intensity by reducing your rest periods, adding more weight, and adding more reps to each workout.

Idea #3. Big Lifts, Big Muscle Growth

Targeting your big muscles usually has a positive cascade effect on your whole body. For instance, by targeting your quads and hamstrings, your calves are sure to benefit. Compound moves have a much bigger effect overall and push your whole body to growth-stimulating limits.

A good workout plan may include about 4 compound moves per workout. Think deadlifts, squats, seated rows, and overhead presses. Choose a maximum weight load where you can do 10 reps per set, and only do sets of 5 reps. By the 6th set, fatigue and muscle burn will tempt you to take a break. Keep on. Lower the weights only if you have to but complete your sets. It’s a very difficult but highly efficient way to build muscle fast.

Idea #4. Isolation for Definition

While idea number 3 glorifies going for the big muscles, you may want to balance your bulk with some definition. When starting out, you can ignore definition in favor of the huge loads. However, when your muscles start gaining real mass, you need to set aside at least one workout per week to target your small muscles.

While targeting your small muscles makes you look so much better with your shirt off, you will also be faster, stronger, and burn fat more efficiently.

Idea #5. Right Technique

According to legendary bodybuilder, Ronnie Coleman, it doesn’t matter what maximum size you can lift. It is all useless I building muscle if you are using the wrong lifting techniques. A strict technique, even with a small weight, will accurately target the desired muscle and maximize your growth equal to the effort you put in.

Idea #6. Low Rep Count, Fewer Sets

Bulking up needs a load that forces your muscles to go beyond what you thought possible. To break your weight boundaries, pick a weight that limits your rep counts to low numbers. Additionally, do fewer sets so you work faster and stimulate more muscles. With a higher load and a shorter recovery time, your muscles have no choice but to grow bigger.

Idea #7. Cardio Workouts

Cardio workouts are key in building that fantastically chiseled body and growing your muscle mass. Endurance sprints are an awesome way to build endurance and control your respiration. You do not need any special equipment or to join a gym. Start with a 150 yard run within 20 seconds. Rest for less than 30 seconds and repeat. Rest for up to 3 minutes.

Follow up with a 30-second 200 yard run with in-between rest periods of a maximum 30 seconds. Rest 5 minutes then sprint 2 to 4 flights of stairs. Rest for a minute at the top and bottom.

Idea #8. Sleep

Sleep is essential for muscle growth and repair. Getting enough sleep also acts as a mood enhancer, keeping you happier and more active. The body also releases the growth hormone (GH) when you are asleep. On the other hand, sleep deficiency results in diminished alertness, a weakened immune system, loss of appetite, and a cranky mood.

While there is no time set for everyone, most people should aim for at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If you are not getting enough sleep you can try the following tips:

  • Schedule your workouts at least 3 hours before bedtime
  • Avoid evening alcohol
  • Switch off electronics i.e. TVs, smartphones, laptops, and tablets
  • A fitness magazine can motivate your workouts during the day and lull you to peaceful sleep at night.

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  1. These are all great tips. I would say the most important and overlooked tip is to get plenty of sleep and make it a priority much like your training.

  2. Great tips! I see we all agree on the rest and sleep as the most overlooked factor for proper muscle growth. Amazing blog BTW!


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