8 Amazing Ways to get Workout Motivation

Wish to know how to motivate yourself to workout?As the world celebrates New Year, most of us have already started working with our new year’s resolutions. Some have already started working out, and some are yet to start experimenting on their bodies. Even if you have started or planning to start, it takes a lot of dedication and efforts to keep up to it. Most of the people at some point of time stop working out or leave gym because of either lack of motivation, work pressure or any other reason. Hence since the new year is around and most of you are planning to join the gym to work for your desired body, we have prepared a list of ways to get the motivation to keep you going everyday.

Fitness is not something that can be achieved in weeks or months, it is a life long journey where you constantly work to sculpt your body into something that most people desire of. It takes years of dedication towards both on your workout as well as nutrition. Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going. Hence you need to make sure that once you start with a fitness regime, no matter what happens you need to keep going. And in order to keep going, you need to come out of your comfort zone where all the magic happens.workout-motivation

8 Ways to get Workout Motivation

1) Set a Goal: Setting goal helps you maintain motivation as you keep working for something until it is achieved. Start by making small and realistic goals and start working out to achieve them. Do not lose motivation if you are unable to achieve some, as changing your lifestyle all of a sudden is difficult and will take time for your body to adapt to it.

2) Reward Yourself: Achieving small goals and rewarding yourself every time you do so is the best way to keep your workout motivation going. It is never expected to eat clean and workout heavy everyday of the week. Sometimes you also need to do what your body says. Feed yourself with whatever you like after the end of each successful week to help you maintain motivation for future.

3) Follow Fitness Models on Social Websites: Following bodybuilding and fitness models has been a great motivation for me. Their continuous updates on nutrition, workout and other related information has always helped me in getting the motivation I’ve always needed. Start by following some of the top aesthetic models on facebook. You can also get some helpful information and tips related to fitness through their page.

4)Read Success Stories: Another great way to get motivated is to read real success stories. Reading success stories allows you to get motivation through people who have worked hard in their life to achieve the same goals as of you. If you need to gain weight, start reading stories of ectomorphs who worked hard and are not inspirations for others. Read about their nutrition and workout habits to get a better view of how things work.

5) Create a List of Motivational Workout Songs: To keep up the motivation within the gym, make a playlist of songs that can help push harder in the gym. Here’s a list of songs that will help you in the gym next time:
Wiggle- Jeson Derulo,Snoop Dogg
Recess- Skrillex
Up Down(Do This All Day)- T-pain, B.o.b
Bring The Noize- M.I.A
Harlem Shake- Baauer
Breakin a Sweat- Skrillex
Take Over Control- Afrojack
Timber- Pitbull
Get Up(Rattle)- Bingo Players
Night by Night- Chromeo
Turn Down for What- DJ Snake
Harder Better Faster Stronger- Daft Punk
Internet Friends- Knife Party
Bangarang- Skrillex
Ragga Bomb- Skrillex
Welcome to the Jungle- Guns N Roses

6)Find a Partner: Finding a partner who can also be a spotter is a great motivation tactics. Competition is a great way to get motivated as you always try to perform same or better than your partner. Also it is better to workout with a partner to help you get some extra reps at the end as well as can spot you when you try to lift heavy or try a new exercise.

7)Be positive: Surround yourself with positive thoughts and group. Negative thoughts and stress can lead to formation of cortisol hormone. Once cortisol starts building, you will face problems like muscle loss and slow metabolism. Hence try not to take stress or get negative thoughts in your mind in order to be consistent.

8)Believe in Yourself: The last and most important part is to believe in yourself. Success or failure of others should not affect your progress. Stop comparing yourself with other and start working out to make a better version of you.

Best Motivational Workout Quotes

motivation quote

best workout motivation


workout motivation

top workout motivation


Picture Credits: www.hasfit.com, www.ashleyvillandry.blogspot.com, www.thenext128days.com

These were the best ways to keep up the motivation for workout. Always remain positive and start believing in yourself to see the best part of your body.

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  1. Finding a partner has worked for me. I am going regularly to gym just because I have a partner who motivates me to come out of home and workout. Good tips.


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