7 Foods That Help You Sleep Better

Are you the type of person that gets pissed off by the idea of going to bed since you just can’t get sleep? Well, I know it’s quite frustrating when you are unable to sleep well after a busy and tiresome day. According to statistics, 50-70 million U.S adults are estimated to have a sleep disorder with 4% of them using sleeping pills to be able to sleep. However, good news is here with us: A good diet will serve to change your sleeping patterns. The right food with the right nutrient composition not only aids in the prevention of diseases and stress but also in encouraging a good night sleep.

Which Foods Are Recommended For A Better Sleep?

The following list contains 7 foods that are highly recommended by experts if you are to attain a healthy sleeping habit.


food for better sleepAccording to research, foods containing vitamin B6 and omega-3 fatty acids are known to be an important ingredient for the synthesis of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone whose production by the brain is triggered by darkness and is useful in inducing sleep. For this hormone to be secreted vitamin B6 must be available in abundance hence taking foods rich in this vitamin such as fish including salmon, anchovies and halibut are recommended. In fact, health experts recommend a three-ounce serving of fish, twice a week to facilitate a better sleep.
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Cherry Juice

foods for sleepAccording to researchers, individuals who drink cherry juice, particularly the tart cherries, fall asleep faster than those who don’t. This is due to the fact that cherry juice helps in boosting the melatonin levels in the body by providing a fresh supply of this hormone, making it much more effective than melatonin supplements themselves. Therefore take at least two cups of tart cherry juice per day, with one of these just before bed and experience the difference yourself.


food for sleepAlmonds are known to be a very rich source of magnesium. Studies show that lower levels of magnesium result to higher levels of sleep problems. For this reason, almond is considered among the foods that should be on your top list in as far as magnesium content is concerned for a better sleep.


Foods That Help You Sleep BetterMilk being among this list of foods confirms to us that is indeed our mothers were right when they gave us milk just before bed when we were young. Calcium, which is an abundant mineral in milk helps to calm the nervous system hence promoting relaxation of the body and in turn sleep. Warm milk is mostly advisable since warmth is an important component in facilitating sleep.

Herbal Tea

food good for sleepHerbal tea including chamomile and valerian tea are known for causing relaxation and relief to the body due to their action as a mild sedative. Therefore consuming the tea just before bed will encourage a quality sleeping habit.

Jasmine Rice

food for good sleepTaking snacks rich in carbohydrates such as jasmine rice will serve to bring out unique benefits to your sleeping habits. This is due to the high-glycemic -index (GI) found in this food compared to the long grain rice which contains a lower glycemic index. According to nutritionists, the high-GI meals trigger production of high amounts of insulin thus increasing the ratio of tryptophan, a sleep-inducing amino acid, relative to the other amino acids in the blood and further allowing more of this amino acid into the brain to facilitate a better sleep.


best foods for sleepIn addition to its benefits as an antioxidant, kiwi has tremendous benefits in ensuring a better sleep. According to a research by Taiwan Taipei Medical University, eating kiwis daily will not only improve your sleep quality but also the quantity by decreasing your falling asleep time by 35.4%, increasing the your sleep soundness by 28.9% and make your sleep feel better by about 42%,thus bringing an overall improvement of your sleeping habit to 13%.

Bottom Line

Your sleep is dependent on your diet since it is the diet that we can get the necessary biochemical for the synthesis of melatonin. These include tryptophan and vitamin B6 among others.
In conclusion, therefore, it is evident that by majoring in the above 7 foods, your sleeping habit will not only improve in quality but also quantity thus a better and healthier sleep life.

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